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Stage 1:

30-Day Trial

Test us and yourself while gaining confidence in the gym and how we do things. Start to build fitness into your life and new structures to enable you to succeed past just the first 30-days with us.

Typical Member Profiles

  • Completely new to the gym
  • Dislike or lack confidence in the gym environment
  • Uncertain about what to do at the gym
  • Lapsed gym membership
  • Once fit but now out of condition

Trial Specifics

  • Understand your initial fitness level
  • Start integrating fitness habits into your life
  • Feel confident about our gym and approach
  • Become comfortable within the environment and community
  • Begin to learn but without an information overload
  • Take part in  Sweat-it team events
  • Finish knowing the right membership for you

Nutrition Plan

  • Get an introduction to basic nutrition principles
  • Receive guidance and resources appropriate to your 30-day goals

Stage 2:

Fundamentals Programme

Build a foundation of strength and fitness. Developing technical proficiency and autonomy around becoming a fitter, stronger and healthier version of you. Start to push your own boundaries and expectations of what you thought was ever possible.

Typical Member Profiles

  • Your goals are for general fitness only
  • You have a short training history
  • You’re not technically proficient or autonomous
  • Your goals are not specifically time pressured

Trial Specifics

  • Focus on volume, density and technique rather than load or intensity
  • Receive education, support and coaching through personal reviews
  • Build a foundation of strength and fitness
  • Understand what works for you, in both training and nutrition
  • Begin to develop technical proficiency and autonomy
  • Own your programme

Nutrition Plan

  • Know your nutrition needs and develop an approach that works for you
  • Get in-tune with how food affects you and learn to control your approach

Stage 3:

Athlete Programme

Discover more advanced training methods and tailored nutrition advise driven by performance.

Typical Member Profiles

  • Confident in the gym, technically proficient and autonomous
  • Enjoy the gym but want more stimulation
  • Keen to learn advanced strategies
  • Want a more goal-specific, outcome-led approach
  • Looking for an outlet for your fitness

Trial Specifics

  • Receive an assigned coach and bespoke programming
  • Get monthly check-ins [minimum]
  • Learn advanced training methods
  • Attach more specific goals to your training

Nutrition Plan

  • Support as required

Our 3-Stage Journey

These three stages are design to give your fitness journey some structure. How far you go is up to you. Many people stick at Stage 2, and that’s fine. With us by your side though, you’ll make your own journey.


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