It’s helped with understanding the weights based approach to training actually understanding that it that it works and that you can lose weight which is what I was looking to do and the structure to it building up every week has made a massive difference and to see the numbers increase. Previously I was at a similar set up to here at Sweat-it but different classes so a lot of my time was spend doing spin classes which all worked really well but I came out properly drained whereas here it’s nice that you can do a workout for an hour and not walk out feeling like you can’t do anything for the rest of the day. Achievement for me is always weight loss and continuing to keep my fitness as good as I can with protein based as it was before but actually a few treats here and there making life a lot easier to have meals with the family rather than trying to maybe just prepare your own meals. As well it feels great the social aspect is to me is as important as the weights aspect and seeing everything else going up as well and it’s a really good group of people here similar to my last place you know the people almost more important than what you come to do so that’s been the really nice thing. What I love the most is the competitive side it kind of works for my brain the way that I work the little cv challenges at the end watching your times improve the stuff that I’ve never done before sled pulls and pushes seeing those little improvements are the biggest things.  I would recommend thoroughly and have recommended to a couple of friends as well I think as I said social aspect is as important as the way that things work great group of people and it’s it’s working for me so yeah I really recommend it.