Transformations are more than just visual!

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Transformations are more than just visual!


With many starting out on new tranformation quests just remember that…..

Transformations aren’t just visual

So it’s very easy for us to believe that transformations are just what we see. With social media playing such a large part of our lives judging each other on how we look is pretty high.


For many what we end up seeing is usually the final piece of the puzzle. Yes of course we would like to change everyones appearance but for us thats a pretty selfish act as thats us chasing our own marketing dream over sustainable happiness.

Instead for many just coming and being active consistently is a big WIN and will over time add to creating that visual transformation.

You can do this by making EVERYONE feel welcome and not making this whole fitness thing for just seasoned pros.

There are many different ways to help everyone with getting active and we do that with a weights based approach but this is relevant to the individual.

What are the other benefits though and how we see our members transform.

Socially – Making friends and building relationships, so its more that just a weights session is key to making you continue to make Sweat-it your home. Our members hold themselves all accountable now when they question where’s so and so as they haven’t seen them for a while!! This is also shown when they go out for brunch after a tough session 🙂

Mentally – We’re not specialists in this field but we know that exercise can benefit everyone to whatever level that may be.

Confidence – We see many people come in here a little sheepish as starting something new is scary and certainly meeting new people as well even more so. But everyone gets greeted the same and welcomed by the whole TEAM. Even in our trial we see people transform from not knowing what their doing to helping the next new comers. This is also shown in turning up in your oversized T-shirts to raiding the Sweaty Betty SALE to make sure your hot to trot while lifting the weights.

Strength – We test our members each block of training and this is to see where they currently are to their own personal level of strength. We don’t expect everyone to be back squatting in a certain number of weeks but we tailor our approach to YOU. Our testing is a way to highlight just how strong you maybe are without even knowing it.

Knowledge – People step in here not knowing a thing about weights and others have been lifting for years. This is fine as we have tailored plans to suit both but the big thing is that everyone gains the knowledge to perform their given programme well. This also doesn’t just come in a session as you start to get into fitness you start to look deeper into your nutrition and expanding your knowledge this way as well.

Support – With all of this comes the ability to help others on their journey. You may have been through the same troubles and can help guide members towards the correct info or back to a coach.

Empowerment – Now who wouldn’t want to have the power to change and know that you have the ability to do it. Once you start to gain some or all of the above you have the opportunity to do anything you wish to achieve but you just have to put it into place. Which can be the hardest thing but with a support network around you it all becomes far far easier.

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