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Supplimentary My Dear Watson!

There is plenty to choose from when deciding which supplements to purchase to help you on your fitness journey. But there are plenty which just aren’t worth it.

Before purchasing any supplements you should ensure you have the simple things in place first. Supplements are not the magic answer and will only help if supported by a good diet and training programme.

When purchasing a whey protein just look for a good quality standard whey isolate with no fancy thrills. Any all-in-ones, diet wheys or meal replacement shakes are generally overpriced, full of rubbish and to good to be true, if they claim to be all singing all dancing.

If you took all the pills available to you every single day you’d possibly be broke and certainly rattle. A lot of these are pointless but there are a few that if you can afford them they can help with all-around health. Due to our beautiful British climate, we are not exposed enough to Vitamin D which is why looking to supplement this can be beneficial.

Omega 3 again is something that we do not produce ourselves so must either consume it in food or supplement it. Benefits from heart health to improved sleep.

Looking to build muscle then adding a creatine monohydrate could help to get that little bit extra out of every session. This is one of the only supplement to that’s got proven evidence proving that it actually does work. We do already produce creatine monohydrate naturally but this can be boosted when supplemented. Allowing us to get more from short periods of high intensity, ideal for weight training.

So here’s our guide to what not and what to buy when it comes to adding some supplements to your diet. If you still have areas in which your diet can improve we’d suggest focusing on these first before you splash the cash.


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