Is Fresh Veg Really The Best Veg?

December 18, 2017

Fresh, frozen or canned? 

It's an argument that you may have heard a few times with regard to how fresh are the fruits and vegetables you eat? 

So how should you be buying your fruit and veg? Does it really make a difference if you have a few items of frozen or canned goods in stock? Just in case we get snowed in this Christmas. 

There are truly Pro's and Cons to all methods of storing food and if you're getting your fruit and veg straight from the farm then great, but the majority will be rummaging through Morrisons like the other thousands of people each week. 

Which doesn't entirely make it fresh. 

Just like most things involving your diet worry about the big things. Doing the big things consistently will promote a positive change. 

So ensuring you eat fruit and veg daily will see you ticking many boxes when it comes to what you need to be healthy. 

If canned or frozen is the way you do this then stock up those shelves/freezers and continue to do so as doing it over an extended period of time will be the answer. 





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