Food Volume ... Turn It Up

March 17, 2018


Still hungry after a meal? 

If you are really struggling with smaller portions then why not bulk out your meals with some extra veggies, not only is this an effective way to keep you full, but you're also getting your five a day in. Its a win win.

Dieting for fat loss is hard, no doubt, especially after finishing a meal and feeling like you have barely eaten. Vegetables are extremely low calorie, especially the likes of broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and butternut squash.

To get more bang for your buck from your meals adding a large amount of vegetables creates a large volume of food for a relatively low amount of calories, not only filling you up on essential vitamins and minerals but also keeping you fuller for longer.

Try it, stock up on vegetables and see how you get on! They don't have to be boring either, add some seasonings and roast them in the oven with some low calorie spray and you'll never look back! 


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