Similarities between mine, Matt's and then your training.

February 19, 2019




 With Matt coming on-board in the last few weeks, we thought we’d put together a piece to outline the similarity’s within our own training styles, and then back to yours as Sweat-it members’.


Firstly, we are only ever looking to improve our service to you as members as you're our main priority, and the backbone to the sessions will always be the same within our friendly and fun ethos :-)


So, as coaches and athletes combined, where do our personal goals align?


✅ We’re both looking to become stronger

✅ We both want to move better

✅ We both want to become fitter

✅ Striving to live forever! So does this make our programming similar?


Yes. We both squat, deadlift, press and have unilateral movements in our programmes. The differences only really vary in the timing, intensity or exercise section within each section of our sessions.


Timings - Depending on the goal of the session determines what needs to take priority within it. At the moment we are both focusing on a strength bias so the goal must be around compounds and some accessory work to increase strength in these areas.


Intensity - This is where I have true admiration for what Matt does and where he takes himself within his sessions. If you don’t like the bike for 5 mins then multiply that by 5 and you’re probably at one of his workouts. This is the kinda intensity that I’m not made for but short burst of strength around my main lifts and I’m there.


Exercise Section - Majority of my work surrounds making my main lifts better. Thats why I spend a large portion of my time on lifts which are directly related to this or very similar. Matt’s programmes are slightly diverse as he wishes to improve his main lifts along with some olympic lifting, gymnastics and cardio endurance as well. Adding in another discipline within itself.


How does this relay back to you though? Well Sweat-It already sits bang in the middle ground between the two and you've been training like this for nearly 2 years now. We wish to increase your strength, power, stamina and overall health. We do this by structuring our sessions to get best of all within every session. If we take our strength block which both Matt and I complete within each session but then finish off with a controlled finisher which would be similar to the kinds of style that Matt completes, just for a slightly shorter time.


But the similarity’s are everywhere as the crossover of why your with us, to why we train, are exactly the same. We all wish to improve on ourselves and have some fun whilst doing it. There is a great quote that couldn't be more relevant to how we view life at Sweat-It:


"The physical needs of an Olympic Athlete and our Grandparents differ by degree, not kind. One needs functional competence to stay out of a nursing home whilst the other needs functional dominance to win medals"


We have a few new additions that will be coming in over the next few weeks to help improve on this even further. As our main aim for 2019 is to make even more healthier, fitter people who can conquer day to day life and enjoy the big outdoors. So to come this year.....


Mobility work: This is an area we’ve neglected but wish to focus on and we’ve found a way to help you move better and look after yourself within our sessions. So we'll be adding in some optional but highly recommended additional exercises to help improve these areas for each and everyone one of YOU.


Heart rate monitoring: Some of you may have seen the MyZone system when we had it before. Both Matt and I still use it within our own sessions. We are looking to bring it back as we now feel we’re in a position where it can truly add value to the gym. This gives us LIVE data within each session to give us some feedback on the types of intensity you're working to within the sessions, but more importantly how well you’re recovering!! We’ll be able to add in specific MyZone TEAM Training sessions as well to add some more variety to our ever so popular high intensity session. Being the only gym in the area as well with such a system in the area.


Lifting workshops: ever feel you’d like more time on your main lifts? Well we’re going to start to offer specific sessions for specific movements. So if you feel you need more coaching and guidance around your squat then we’re going to have a session on teaching you just that.


These sessions won't require you to try and hit personal bests. They are targeted specifically to understanding how to go about the movements, what you should be thinking and feeling and then carrying that over into your training sessions.


These sessions will be techneque lead and will not be about the biggest lift rather how you're doing it. Yet again always thinking of NEW and better ways to serve our members' 

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