Ways to increase your daily steps.

December 6, 2018




Habit #5 


Sometimes we can think we have to be doing complicated things to see results and actually the simple things will deliver just as well. 


Fitbits or any step counters are great now as you can give yourself a daily target to just do every day moving around with very low stress. Staying active in normal day life is the easiest form of activity for many of you. 


The extra activity will burn additional calories and help create that ever so desired calorie deficit you need to lose fat. 


10,000 steps


10,000 steps should be achievable if you're being mindful to get up and do a little more than you currently do. Working in offices and winter the months can make step counts a little more challenging but look at some of these hacks to increase your daily numbers. 


How can you improve?


Take a lunchtime walk, this will aid you in adding some steps but will also break up the day and give you some time away from your desk. 


Park the car further away from the door, It may take a few minutes longer but you're going to gain a few hundred steps. 

Take the stairs, do this every time you could use the lift and look to increase you heart rate as well.


Take the dog for a longer walk or maybe even get a dog 😂.


Get off a stop early, not great if it's raining but can be a easy and effective way to total up plenty more steps and only took a extra 10 minutes to do it.


None of this takes much effort but may need some planning to give yourself time to complete. But will promote a good healthy habit to aid you on your quest for greatness. 



If you can do this now in the depths of winter the summer will be a breeze. 



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