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What Our Happy Members Are Saying


Sweat-it has helped with understanding the weights based approach to training, actually understanding how it works and that you can lose weight, which is what I was looking to do. Following a structure every week has made a massive difference to building strength and I can see improvements throughout the weeks. Previously, I was at a similar set up to Sweat-it but different classes so a lot of my time was spent doing spin classes, which all worked really well but I came out properly drained – whereas here, it’s nice that you can do a workout for an hour and not walk out feeling like you can’t do anything for the rest of the day. Achievement for me is always weight loss and continuing to keep my fitness as good as I can allowing myself a few treats here and there, making life a lot easier to have meals with the family rather than trying to maybe just prepare your own meals. As well as the fitness side of it, the social aspect is, to me, is just as important. What I love the most is the competitive side. I enjoy the cardio challenges, seeing your times improve as well as experiencing the stuff that I’ve never done before, such as sled pulls and pushes – seeing those little improvements are the biggest things. I would thoroughly recommend Sweat-it, in fact I have already recommended to a couple of friends who have joined and loved it too.



I’ve been coming to Sweat-it for just over a year now. Before coming to Sweat-it I didn’t actually go anywhere else, I tried other gyms and I just really hated them. My brothers played rugby with Tom and suggested coming to Sweat-it on a trial. I genuinely like all of it, it’s just so different to any other gym. It’s like another little family. You’re all different but you all support each other no matter where you are in the program. You’re there to support each other, do your stuff, have fun. It’s a great laugh no matter if it is 6 a.m. in the morning, it’s still so much fun. The hardest thing is is sometimes having the motivation to actually go and push yourself but you have Tom, Matt and Abi as well as all the other people in your group, you all push each other to do better and do your best.



I’ve been coming to Sweat-it now for two years, and I started originally with the TEAM training. I progressed from once a week, still attending my old gym to then eventually, six months later taking the leap and joining the PT sessions as well. What’s really different is the inclusivity. Regardless of gender, age, ability, everyone is really welcome here. It’s incredibly friendly. In my previous gym experience, everything was just self directed and I was probably just copying other people’s mistakes – now I know exactly what I’m going to be doing every time I walk through the door. I know I will be completely engaged in the sessions and they are directed to me achieving my goals. My goal when I first became a member was to increase strength, be more flexible and to be fitter. Unlike the majority, I was looking to increase bodyweight and muscle mass, ensuring it was healthy and sustainable. I am well on route to hitting my target weight. I am fitter, I’m stronger and I’m more flexible than I have ever been.



I’ve been having to Sweat-it for two and a half years now. Before Sweat-it I was running and spinning, I wasn’t using weights. I wasn’t doing any strength training. Coming to Sweat-it I started using weights doing more strength training as well as still incorporating cardio in the team sessions. My body shape has changed and I’ve became much stronger. Unlike other gyms, Sweat-it offers one-to-one reviews, which includes an InBody scan so you can see how you’re getting on on a monthly basis. This is a great method for me to track progression as I can see an improvement in my body composition, including an increase in muscle and loss of body fat. This is just another perk to Sweat-it that keeps me motivated and to keep challenging myself. The other benefits of Sweat-it  is the variety of sessions. There’s always a session at a time that suits me and the sessions offer a good variation of exercises. Plus I love always having supportive people in the sessions and given encouragement by the coaches to push me to do that little bit more because they know I can.



I’ve been coming to Sweat-it for two years. Before I came to Sweat-it, I was running and participated in the odd circuit class but nothing that regular. What attracted me to Sweat-it was the fact that there’s someone to watch you constantly and to help you develop your skills because I’ve never really been to gym before. The fact that there was always a coach at hand really appealed to me. Since I’ve joined Sweat-it, I’ve decreased my body fat, I’ve increased muscle, I’ve got stronger and made new friends. Everyone’s here for different reasons but everyone gets on as a team. There’s also lots of social activities you go to outside of the gym, so it’s inclusive and you feel like you’re a part of a community. I love that you’re pushed to your maximum in each session. I wouldn’t work as hard if I wasn’t being trained by the coaches. Other benefits of Sweat-it are there are lots of different sessions, which accommodates for a busy lifestyle and I know when my diary changes throughout the week I can fit it all in. I like that there is extra support, nutrition advice, monthly check-ins and there’s always someone there to assist you if you need help.



Since joining Sweat-it I have seen huge changes in my body. I have lost weight as well as improving my overall fitness. My goal is to continue to build strength and continue to develop my fitness. I like the fact that I can track my progress and the coaches help me achieve my goals. From joining last year I was lifting my first deadlift and have worked hard throughout the programme to lift double the weight I started at. With the help of Sweat-it I am hopeful to really continue my fitness journey to push myself and work harder towards my goals.

Paul Marks


I joined Sweat-it in December 2017. Sweat-it offers a structure that works for me. I like the fact you’ve got to book into the sessions, that element of commitment to attending removes the excuse not to go. Since joining, I’ve seen a lot of changes. I’m stone and a half lighter, the muscle gains have been considerable and have seen a considerable drop in fat loss. I feel better, clothes fit better, look better, skin’s better, less grumpy – all of the things that come with exercise. An added bonus to Sweat-it is the people; being relatively new to the area has helped me integrate and become part of the Sweat-it community. The best part of Sweat-it is the make up of the programmes and the regular changes. It’s great to see progression throughout the weeks as well as keeping it interesting and fresh. I’m able to apply proper technique better than I’ve ever done before. I have more confidence with exercising now, as I know proper form will hep me towards my goals and avoid injury. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sweat-it. I cannot recommend it enough.



I chose Sweat-it because it was different to anything I’ve ever done before. I wanted something which was more personal training rather than just going to the gym. I hadn’t any real gym experience before, I was previously doing classes that lacked having that personal training support there. The extra nutritional advice is another feature that is something I had never had before. There’s always the support here so if I feel a bit unsure about something, I know that I can always ask either Tom or Matt for their advice. This also relates to movements throughout the session as they are there to coach and support you properly and safely. So far I’ve achieved my goals of changing body shape. Not only do I feel different but I can see my results using the InBody scanner each month. I’m always learning something new, including what to include with my nutrition. The gym offers one-to-one sessions that give me advice on how I can continue to improve my results. I leave the gym feeling good. I’ve increased my sessions more doing the small group personal training sessions as well as the team sessions, combining these into my lifestyle is probably one of the best things I think I’ve done.



I’ve been a member since January 2019. Initially, I chose Sweat-it for the location and the accessibility of classes. Now I come for multiple different things, from the professionalism and motivation of the coaches to the community and the fun within the sessions and the way it makes me feel! Originally, I was doing CrossFit but I had a few injuries so stepped away from that. I ended up just going to a normal gym and doing classes, mainly spin, body combat and those kind of classes, which I enjoyed but totally lost my mojo. Sweat-it is different because the coaches know me. They know my strengths and my weaknesses so they know when I need a shove in the right direction and know when I need a bit of gentle motivation. I feel like I’m an individual rather than just a member of a normal club.



The thing I enjoy the most about Sweat-it is probably the community sense around it. Everyone is there for the same reason which creates a great atmosphere as soon as you arrive. I love that there’s a little bit of healthy competition but it is very light hearted and fun. Sweat-it is exactly the right location for me, which makes it that much more accessible. The training is great, the community is good and you guys keep mixing it up which keeps it diverse and fresh. I like the fact I’m introduced and lead through movements I would probably shy away from if I was training on my own. The sessions keep me disciplined throughout the session and following the structure I make sure I keep up the intensity – I think it’s very easy to give yourself more of a rest when you’re training on your own but the coaches and group help to motivate you when it feels tough. Sweat-it offers MyZone heart rate monitors that are sort of channeling people’s energy keeping you accountable with your intensity and getting much more of a result out of our workout.



I’ve been coming to Sweat-it since the very beginning because I’m Thomas’s mum. He says to everyone if I can do it, anyone can. The best thing about Sweat-it is the coaches. They make you feel motivated and know that you can do something. They realise your strengths and weaknesses before you do and are able to give you advice throughout the session to make you push you to your max. I want to be the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of myself that I can be so that I can enjoy every moment with my grandson.

Sally B


I came to Sweat-it because I needed to get back to training after a break. I wanted to have something that had a personal feel to it, as well as the expertise. I found Tom and the team the best bit about Sweat-it and the community. I love coming to each session, it’s really great fun. It’s hard work but we have a great time doing it. Sweat-it makes me feel great. It genuinely is my favourite part of the day; it’s proper time for me. The environment here is perfect for training and also just spending some time for yourself. It’s really great fun and I love it. I’ve achieved getting a sense of myself back which I’d lost a little bit of. My strength is really coming back which is great and there’s more to go for me. Sweat-it is brilliant because the flexibility of all the sessions is amazing; there are so many each week that run from first thing in the morning through to the end of the evening, you can chop and change them each week. I work full-time from home and I’ve got two young children so for me no two weeks are the same. Some weeks I do more, some weeks I do less and it just works perfectly for me.


What our members say

more than just a gym…. I’ve never looked forward to going to a gym as much as I enjoy sweat it. Tom and Matt are exceptional coaches, they remember your progress and always push you to do what you’re capable of achieving. Tom has created a great community from the outset, it’s the friendliest environment which you dont often find in gyms! would recommend sweat it to anyone looking for hard work and a bit of fun 😊

Hannah Woodcock

Aug 24, 2019

sweat it is the best, I actually enjoy going to a gym. There all so welcoming and the coaches are really lovely! no mirrors so I don’t have to stare at myself when I’m working out. Matt & Tom are always there for help and guidance and support, top blokes.Helped me achieve different techniques. 💕 I love it

Anna Purnell

Aug 23, 2019

Tom and Matt are fab guys, always there to motivate you but have a laugh at the same time as well as being really knowledgable. Amazing members to train with as well. Highly recommend and wouldn’t be without my regular sessions now 😁

Jen Gauld

Aug 23, 2019

Started back at a gym after 2 years and was recommended this gym from a friend. Great staff who talk you through the things that need to be done great website Not a pure gym just a great friendly gym who offer 121 and small group sessions

Charles William Harris

Jun 4, 2019