Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Control Your Cravings And STOP You Reaching For The Donuts, A Chocolate Bar-Or A Glass Of Wine


  • THE BEST WAY to control your cravings without having to starve yourself.
  • WHY YOU POSSIBLY need to have a more protein packed diet
  • HOW TO FIND snacks that are healthy and 50 calories or less.
  • FIND OUT WHY doing just 20 minutes of exercise will curb your craving

I have been coming to Sweat-it since October 2018. During my time here, the coaches have helped me with getting stronger, fitter and weight loss – particularly a bit of weight around my stomach. I’ve lost over 7kg,  just over a stone! My fat percentage has gone down and I have got stronger too in that period of time. Before Sweat-it I had gone to various different gyms, training by myself; I had never had the consistency and the knowledge in proper exercise form. Once I started at Sweat-it, drawn in from the interest of small group training, I began learning better technique and scheduled in my training to keep up the consistency and make sure that I didn’t tail off, which is what I was doing before. Along with my tremendous weight loss, I have achieved an increase in strength and fitness. I’ve learnt proper movement variations including deadlift, and squats, which I’m really pleased with. Sweat-it has not only helped with coaching elements including refining techniques and so on, it’s been educational in respect to my diet. I am eating much healthier, including a more nutritious variation in foods, much more vegetables! I love the variation and styles of training at Sweat-it. The instructions and feedback from the coaches is great. I love it.

Steve B


I’ve been a member of Sweat-it from the start! I’ve achieved so much during my time at Sweat-it, including an amazing amount of weight loss, improvement in my fitness, I feel better physically and mentally and just great benefits all around. I enjoy the training, the training is excellent! We are in small groups, so you’ll get that very much one-to-one attention, even though you are in groups of three or four people. The training from the instructors and the banter within the groups is excellent – I enjoy the social side. I enjoy the people that come down here, we come from all walks of life so it’s a great place to interact. The training is tough and intense but I enjoy that, and after you are finished, there’s a great sense of fulfilment in your achievements from the session. It’s very full on but when you leave, you are feeling fantastic. My goals are now to still improve my weight loss. I’m getting a lot of help with the guys with my nutrition and my food. There is certainly the need for exercise as well as nutrition, which we get the balance right. I get good information from the guys down here, so my goals are to continue with my weight loss and keep improving my fitness levels.

Paul H


I joined Sweat-It, in January 2018 on a very dark and durgy January evening. Since I joined Sweat-it, I’ve lost 3 stone in weight! I now come religiously, 3 times a week for group training as well as a Saturday for TEAM training… I try to slip in another session somewhere in the week. I keep coming back week on week because Sweat-it is very different from any other gym. I found that in other gyms, I was just drifting about looking at the machines, doing a bit of cardio maybe bit of weights –  I didn’t know what I was doing. At Sweat-it, it’s structured, and I don’t have to think about it, I pitch up; I do what I’m told; I feel great and I leave. I like the environment, I love the people, I love the trainers. The programmes change and evolve so it’s not boring and it just fits in with my life.

Louise M