At Sweat-it we’ve always put our members first and this is no different at this time We’ve always made sure that we have a spotless gym and limit our number of visits every hour.


Sweat-it Training is currently closed due to Coronavirus and will be closed for as long as the government recommends. We will let you know as soon as the situation changes. In the meantime, follow our blog and social profiles for regular content updates.

If you’re looking for extra accountability and direction during this time then take a look at our Online Training as we’ve taken our community online to continue serving everyone who needs us even more than ever. Gain access to our online training programmes, ZOOM sessions, recipes, quick fire sessions and being a part of our thriving community.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Are there any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within SWEAT IT TRAINING?

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Sweat-it Training as of writing. This is true across our whole community.

This makes us anything but complacent. However, we are continually monitoring the situation and will update this page as soon as we hear of any developments within our community.


As of Sunday 10th May, guidelines were announced outlining the current measures.What was made clear is that the gym doors will not reopen any sooner than 4th July. Although this news may not feel like there has been a significant change, we can definitely shed some light on the matter.

The team have been working behind the scenes to put together a framework of how we progress when the restrictions are lifted. Until then, we have a more imminent strategy to make sure we are there to support you, keep you motivated and develop our online platform further. 

We remain transparent throughout this process and want to keep you updated as much as possible. This document should disclose all future plans and developments, including steps put in place for when you return and additions to our online services. 


We will prioritise 4 main practical steps to get the gym in a readily state:.

Step One: Refurb

A new normal calls for a new look. This includes a fresh layer of paint to add a burst of vibrancy and an all-round spruce up for our eagerly anticipated return.

Step Two: Cleanliness

When we say clean, we mean CLEAN. This will involve a deep clean from top to bottom, which will be carried out by accredited professionals, to completely eliminate any possible trace of the disease to ensure your health and safety. 

Step Three: Space Management

We want to make sure that when we open our doors to you, that we still implement protective measures to abide social distancing guidelines. We want to maximise space to make the use of the facility simple to use and maintain a safe distance from one another. 

We will look to:

  • Rearrange equipment to ensure there is a safe 2m distance inbetween, for efficiency and safe use.
  • Strip the gym of any unnecessary kit for both hygiene purposes and increase our exercise parameters. 
  • Implement easy-to-follow steps for specific exercise use areas, clearly marked to avoid any changes of ‘cross-contamination’.
  • An appropriate schedule to allow time between sessions
  • Limiting the number people per session 
  • Opening up more available sessions to be accessed by all 

Step Four: Extra Measures 

The upkeep of our measures will be strictly enforced by:

  • Ensuring all staff members are trained to meet Covid-19 cleaning procedures
  • Offering more sanitiser stations that are accessible and regularly replenished
  • Limiting potential touch points to reduce the risk of contamination

We can’t wait and are looking forward to seeing you…..

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